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Radio Cache

Version 3 is available now.

This program is used to keep track of radios, cell phones, satellite phones and other items. It can be used for both check-in and check-out. There are several reports to show who has the radio's checked-out. One report can be used during demob to make sure all radios are checked-in.

This program is currently being used by the Jefferson County Colorado ARES Group and by several Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 Incident Management Teams.

There are several new features for keeping track of phone, equipment, and GPS locations.

This will be a free upgrade for people who purchased in the past. Just download the program, install, register, then request an activation code. The activation is a manual process and will be emailed once the information is verified.

I have decided to make RadioCache a free program, but would like to get a donation to help support futher development. There is a purchase reminder screen that will appear periodically. Once you make a donation and get an activation code this reminder screen will go away.
Software support for this program is via email only at

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